Insurance Info & List

Insurance Information & List:

We have a comprehensive list of Medicaid insurance providers that we work with nationwide. We also accept Medicare and Commercial payers for out-of-network PPO and POS plans. Tesis Labs continually growing our relationships with payers to provide an even more expansive provider base for our clients.

General Billing Information

Tesis Labs will always confirm eligibility for every patient to provide up-to-date information on coverage, copays, and deductibles. If a patient’s insurance does not cover a test, we will offer counseling for out-of- pocket costs.

Prior Authorization of Genetics and Molecular Testing

Tesis Labs’ goal is to provide quality and timely comprehensive testing to our providers and their patients. In addition to Medicare and Medicaid, many commercial providers require new notification/prior authorization before testing can be done. To combat surprise billing, Tesis Labs recommends prior authorization approval.

Our Insurance Providers

Our list of providers is continuously evolving and subject to change.

Please contact us at Tesis Labs Billing Office – (888) 583-7477 or

Tesis Labs Insurance List: 

Heart Diseases - Cardiovascular Testing Services
Managed Care PlanType of Plan
Aetna US HealthcareAll Products
Health Select
Medicaid Advantage
Blue AdvantageHMO
MultiplanSingle Case Agreement

UHC, CIGNA, and Humana for out of network only.

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Better Approach to Exceptional Care

Better Approach to Exceptional Care